Microprocessor - Based
Hygro-Thermograph Model:ST-50

Long-term continuous recording,
Wide range measurement and High reliability

Just handy of Monitoring both Temperature and Humidity

・ Capability of 6 months continuous recording
・ Wide temperature range -20℃~80℃(-4°F~176°F)
・ Remote monitoring as far as 50m away with an
 optinal extension cable
・ Electronic sensors allow accurate measuring for
 a long time
・ Recording capability of Standard full span,
 0℃~50℃(32°F~122°F)and Enlarged range
 as you desire

・ R&D
・ Production Control
・ Quality Control
・ Building and Facility administration
・ Field Monitoring
・ Stronge Control
・ Freshness Monitoring

・ Measurement Methods
Temparature :Semiconductor Sensor
Humidity :High Molecular Electrostatic Capacity Sensor
・ Measurement Ranges
Temperature :-20℃~50℃/-4°F~122°F
        -20℃~80℃/-4°F~176°F(with Sensor Exitension Cable)
Humidity:20~90%RH(No Condensation)
      0~100%RH(with Sensor Exitension Cable,No Condensation)
・ Display(LCD) :Resolution 0.1℃/0.1°F,0.1%RH
Temperature :-20℃~80℃/-4°F~176°F
Others :Dew point(-80℃~80℃/-112°F~176°F)
     Absolute Humidity(0~290g/u)
     Battery Checker,Alarm,Chart Speed,Set-Up Mode etc
・ Recording
Chart Paper :Z-fold Type,12m/39.37feet(Length),113mm/4.45inch(Width)
Working Width :100mm(3.94inch)(for both Temperature and Humidity)
Feeding :Sprocket
Feeding Accuracy :±3mm/0.12inch(at 12m/39.37feet Long Recording)

Chart Speed Recording Period
(Reference only)
Battery Service Life
(Standard Mode)
Battery Service Life
(Energy Saving Mode)
2.5mm/Hr. 6 months 3 months 6 months
5.0mm/Hr. 3 months 3 months 3 months
10.0mm/Hr. 1.5 months 1.5 months 1.5 months
20.0mm/Hr. 3/4 months 20 days 20 days

・ Accuracy
Temperature :±1.0℃/±1.8°F at 0~50℃/32~122°F
Humidity:±3%RH(at 25℃/77°F)
     ※Accuracy guarantee range on humidity is 10~90%RH
・ Calibration
Temperature:1 point  Humidity:1 point or 2
・ Alarm :Temperature and Humidity upper and lower limits can be set.
・ Recording Range:User-Selectable among (1),(2) and (3) with switch
      Temp : (1)-20℃~80℃/-4°F~176°F
          : (2)0℃~50℃/32°F~122°F
          : (3)±10℃,±25℃,±25°F or ±50°F from user-desired
          central temperature of charts.
    Humidity : (1)0~100%RH
         : (2)±10%RH or ±25%RH from user-desired
          central humidity of charts.
・ Environmental  (Ambient Temperature/Humidity)
Conditions:-20℃~50℃/-4°F~122°F/20~90%RH(No Condensation)
・ Power Supply : Battery(LR20,1.5V×4)
        : AC Adaptor (AC120V/60Hz,AC230V/50Hz)
・ Dimention / Weight:300(W)×245(H)×105(D)mm/2.1kg
            (without the Batteries)
・ Other features : Convenient front panel programming.
         Desktop or wall mount.
         3mm(0.12in.)marking on temperature recording.
         Pen position adjustment with awitch.
         Perfect traceability.
・ Standard Accessories : 4×Batteries(LR20,1.5V),1×AC Adaptor, 1×Chart Paper
             1 each×Fiber Tip Pen (for Temperature and Humidity),
             1×Operation Manual
・ Optional Accessories : Alarm Relay Unit for output, Sensor Extension Cable
            5m(16.40ft.),20m(65,62ft.) and 50m (164.04ft.),
            Dust-Proof Cover,Splash-Proof Cover,
           Calibration Set (Saturated Salt Method)

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