wiper cloth
savina MINIMAX

  • Generate only a minuscule amount of lint.
  • Absorb and retain water quickly and positively.
  • Have lower dissolution of residual ions, etc.
  • provide high wiperperformance(when used in clean rooms, wipers need to
    remove a maximum amount of dust without contaminating the clean room

  • Production processes for photomegnetic disks, hard disks, and floppy disks
  • Production processes for deflection plates of liquid crystals, etc
  • Compact and magnetic disk production processes
  • Video deck production processes
  • Contact lens production processes
  • Camera assembly lines
  • Printed circuit board cleaning processes
  • Cleaning processes for camera lenses before coating
  • Medicine production processes
  • Movie film cleaning processes
  • Production processes for semiconductors and integrated circuits
  • Workpiece cleaning process before precision coating

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